We all have our daily rituals - those little habits and rituals that help us find some ‘me time’. Things that give us a small moment of satisfaction and calm amongst the busy-ness of life.  
Carmex® lip balm pairs perfectly with those me time moments. Whether it’s your morning coffee ritual to kick start the day, the latest page turner you just can’t put down before bed, a sneaky scroll through social media, savouring couch time with your BFF, or perhaps even a cheeky Friday night liptual with a glass of your favourite wine!
Your lips deserve a little me time too – so for smooth, moisturised lips, choose Carmex lip balm as part of your daily liptuals (see what we did there!). 

Get set for the day and prep your lips with a slathering of Carmex, it’ll help protect your pout. Take a moment (and thankfully that’s all it takes) to pull a Carmex out of your bag for on-the-go relief. Pop Carmex on your desk for an office top up, or in your pocket to quickly reapply. And at home, keep Carmex on your bedside table for a pre-bed lather so you wake with soft, kissable lips.


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